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  • "Dr. Anis is the best!! I first came to him for a second opinion for my very badly broken molar. The two dentists I saw prior to him told me I would need it extracted because there was no saving it. I just was not okay with that! When I came to Dr. Anis he was very up front with me and told me that he can’t guarantee anything, but that it was possible to put a crown on my broken molar. This sounded way better than an extraction! Now I have had that crown for almost three years! So happy I met Dr. Anis!" - Sandra P
  • "I’ve been a dental assistant for 12 years and was honored to work with Dr. Anis for 3 of those years. I was also his patient. Being in this field made me very picky with my dental work. I chose Dr. Anis as my dentist because of his dedication, performance, and perfectionism. He genuinely cares about you as a person and you can actually feel the passion for his work. Dr. Anis has become our family dentist. He has also performed work on my husband and kids. Dr. Anis, on behalf of my husband, children, and I, we admire you immensely and love your dentistry. You are the best!!" -Christina S.
  • "What an amazing dentist office. Dr. Elkhechen is extremely professional. The office is located in a wonderful new mall just outside Wellington. His staff has been clearly hand picked to provide not only excellent service but a comfort level that makes every visit special. Thank you." -Lindsey A.
  • "Both our boys were super excited to visit and came out with smiles on their faces. We are so happy to have found this office and look forward to our next visit." -Amanda Em-gee
  • "Beautiful Office! The staff is amazing! Very professional and very detailed!" -Ronda Valleto
  • "Staff is very welcoming and professional. The office is beautiful, relaxing (Considering you are at the dentist) with state of the art equipment. My cleaning was very thorough and I am very happy with the whitening I received as part of the grand opening special! Definitely worth a try if you are looking for a new, local dentist!!!" -Tammy Davis
  • "Great atmosphere! Wonderful and pleasant dentist, hygienist, & staff! The best dental experience I’ve ever had! Highly recommended!" -Amanda Pickren
  • "Great Set up, super friendly people, and professional. Did a great job and I will definitely go back! TV’s on the ceiling when you lay back!" -Michael Stango Jr
  • "Couldn't be happier. The staff is amazing. I needed a lot of work done. I am almost halfway through my treatment plan and I once again have a nice smile and healthy teeth and gums. I highly recommend them." -Emily Upright
  • "This is for anyone afraid of the dentist. Don't worry these people are more worried about your comfort than anything. I was shaking the first time I went in and it was for nothing. Everyone who works there is great and the dental hygienist is a whole barrel of awesome sauce. I would recommend this place to anyone who needs a dentist or just a hello from a friendly face." -Paul Henninger

Welcome to Our Practice

Welcome to Groves Dental Care, located in the beautiful new Loxahatchee Groves Commons Plaza!

Dr. Anis Elkhechen and our entire team are honored to have the privilege of treating patients throughout the area, including in the communities of Loxahatchee, Wellington, Royal Palm Beach, and the greater Palm Beach County area. Whether you are new to the area or you are looking for a new dental home with a dentist and team you can count on to provide gentle, comprehensive dental care, we’re excited to have you aboard!


Why Should You Choose Us? 

At Groves Dental Care we focus on providing our patients with two overall benefits:

1. We live by key principles to help our patients smile, achieve great oral health, and repeatedly have a great experience. 

2. We help our patients solve problems they are experiencing and identify future issues they may not be aware of yet.


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What helps us stay in tune with the vast needs of our patients is that we truly understand and pay attention to the struggles many people have faced before.

Have you experienced any of these issues before at a healthcare professional’s office that may have decreased the quality of your visits?

  • Felt judged for not having been to the dentist in a while or maybe due to having some cavities or gum inflammation.

  • Your oral healthcare provider did not truly listen to your concerns.

  • Lack of Transparency with treatment fees or insurance coverage.

  • You felt as if you were in a “Mill” and just a number instead of a patient with specific needs.

  • You never really got to spend much time with the oral healthcare provider.

  • Routinely long wait times of over 15-20 minutes to be seen for a scheduled appointment.

  • Lack of empathy throughout for your specific dental issue even though it took a lot of courage to make the appointment in the first place.

  • You don’t have convenience surrounding appointment times because the only times available are when you are working.

  • You couldn’t get an appointment within 24-48 hours especially when you needed it the most because you were having pain or a big dental issue.

By recognizing some of the pain points that many people encounter at a healthcare professional’s office, it allows us to concentrate on some of the aspects of care that matter to our patients.

What important attributes do YOU look for in a healthcare professional?


Here is what we care about at Groves Dental Care: 

Culture of Service: We are a cohesive team that is constantly working together to serve patients at the highest level, with a smile.

Empathy: We understand that many people may not enjoy going to the dentist or even have a fear of coming to a dental office, so we go out of our way to make sure patients are very comfortable and provide options that help you relax.

We do not judge: We will never judge you as a patient or the condition of your teeth, for any reason. 

Respect: We strive to respect your time by seating you within 5 minutes of your scheduled appointment time. We also make it a point to spend quality time with our patients by not overbooking the schedule.

Convenience: A wide range of appointment times to accommodate patients' busy schedules and same-day appointments so patients feel like someone is able to help them when they need it the most.  Appointments can also be made directly into our schedule online with no hassle of having to pick up the phone. 

Transparency: We always want our patients to feel at ease by providing all the information necessary so that you understand exactly why we do what we do, before we do it. 

Passion: Ultimate commitment to excellence even though we may be tired sometimes from working non-stop throughout the day

Advanced technology and continual training: We always invest in continuing education and new technology to provide patients with the best quality care.


It is truly our privilege to help each of our patients smile and accomplish whatever goals they may have!


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