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Advancements in dental technology means more comfortable, more efficient, and more effective care for you. We've taken the time to explore modern technology, and we've incorporated quite a bit of it into our practice – especially those high-tech solutions that really improve your experience at the dentist! 

We'd like to tell you more about some of the technologies we use here at Groves Dental Care, so you can see the difference it makes in the care you receive.

Digital Dental X-Ray machine at Groves Dental Care in Loxahatchee, FL

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays offer a number of advantages over older, film-based x-rays. For starters, they use considerably less radiation, making them the safest option out there! 

Other benefits of digital x-rays include: 

  • Virtually instant processing, reducing your time spent waiting
  • Viewable on chairside monitors so we can clearly explain our findings and educate you about your treatment options
  • High-definition images can be enlarged and enhanced in several ways to better illustrate our conversation
  • Stored in your electronic file for easy access, retrieval, and comparison
  • Easily transferred electronically to insurance providers or specialists
  • Better for the environment since no chemicals are needed for processing and space is not required for film storage
Itero Digital Scanner used by our Loxahatchee, FL dentists

Itero Digital Scanner

The Itero Digital Scanner is used for a multitude of things in dentistry. Some of the main uses include capturing images of teeth that can then be used by a lab to develop different dental restorations or products such as dental crowns, veneers, Invisalign clear braces, occlusal guards, retainers, bridges, etc....The thing patients love about the Itero Scanner is that there is no Goop in your mouth! It eliminates gagging and is much more comfortable than any traditional impression. It is fast, accurate, and allows for better patient education! Also, it leads to faster turn around times from the dental laboratory which means less time in your temporary restoration.

The Itero Scanner can also be used to show patients who might be interested in straightening their teeth, what their actual teeth can look like before and after Invisalign! This can easily be done by using the Invisalign Outcome simulator through the Itero.

Another great feature of the Itero is that it can help us show patients exactly how much they are wearing their teeth down over time. It allows us to do this because it will show all the changes between different scans over time.

TV hung from the ceiling in a dental patient treatment room at Groves Dental Care in 33470

TV's in the ceiling for Entertainment and Peace of Mind

In order to better serve our patients, we decided to provide TV's in the ceiling of every operatory, so that patients could enjoy watching their favorite shows or movies, while they lean back and have treatment done. This helps provide patients peace of mind by not having to focus on the treatment being done. 

Handheld X-Ray unit used by our 33470 dentists

Handheld Xray Unit

One of the more innovative technologies available to the dental market now are handheld xray units. These handheld units offer our patients several different benefits including a much lower radiation dose than traditional xray units and the ability to capture the necessary xrays in a much shorter time frame. Ultimately, this leads to a much better patient experience because patients spend less time receiving xrays and less time in the dental chair.

DentalVibe numbing machine used by our Loxahatchee, FL dentists


Quick – which part of your dental appointment makes you nervous? 

We're betting you probably said "the shot." 

Nobody likes getting a shot. Often, getting numb is the worst part of any procedure!

At Groves Dental Care, we've solved that particular problem. DentalVibe is a newer technology that creates a vibration to "tickle" the gums in the area of the injection. This, in a sense, tricks your brain into focusing on the tickling sensation rather than the injection. In addition, we also place extra-strength topical gel on your gums and we warm the anesthetic before the injection. These factors, along with specialized injection techniques (such as the DentalVibe) create a painless injection experience, which many patients tell us they have never had.

Intraoral camera used at Groves Dental Care in 33470 FL

Intraoral Cameras

Have you ever been confused about what the doctor was trying to show you on an x-ray in a dental office. It's okay – just about everyone has! This is definitely one of the most common concerns we hear from patients. 

We don't ever want understanding to be a barrier to your care; therefore, we have decided to invest in intraoral cameras!

An intraoral camera is a small digital camera that allows us to take high-resolution photos of the inside of your mouth so you can view them on the chairside monitor. This means that you get to see exactly what we see! We can actually take you on a tour of your mouth, pointing out areas that are in excellent oral health and helping you identify other areas that need a little help.

Many dental conditions, including cavities and gum disease, will rarely hurt, and x-rays don't really paint a good picture as to what is actually going on. Intraoral cameras, on the other hand, give you an accurate full-color view of what is happening inside your mouth on the outer surfaces of your teeth and gums. Imagine how many more teeth patients would be able to keep if they fully understood the problem they were dealing with! When people understand the problem, they are much more likely to take action sooner and keep their teeth. 

It's really simple: seeing is believing!

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