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Here is a very young patient who is about 18 years old. This very nice patient had just finished with braces and was happy with the alignment of her teeth, but the patient had a very common formation on her upper lateral teeth called peg laterals. Peg laterals are when the lateral incisors form in a way where they are proportionally much smaller than the other teeth surrounding them which creates a less desirable smile for patients due to esthetics. You can see the peg laterals present in the before picture on this patient. The patient was given a few different options and she decided to move forward with resin veneers. Resin veneers are created chairside by placing tooth color filling material on top of the existing tooth and shape it nicely to achieve ideal contours. The tooth colored material is bonded into place and then is finished off with perfect contour adaptation and polished to smooth it out. There is NO removal of existing tooth structure required with this treatment! Within one hour of sitting in the chair, the patient was able to see her new smile transformation in the mirror. I am grateful to be able to help this patient achieve the smile she wanted! 

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Anis Elkhechen, DMD
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