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Upper Reconstruction-Smile Design

This patient presented with the complaint that she does not like her smile. She mentioned that she didn't like the fact that she was not able to see much of her teeth when she smiled and she did not like how dark her teeth are. The patient had what we call "A reverse smile" in dentistry. A reverse smile is when the upper front teeth do not come down to meet the lower lip when a patient smiles. This creates a disruption in the continuity in a person's smile which leaves many people unsatisified with the esthetics of their smile. All options were discussed with the patient and we decided to do some cosmetic dentistry throughout the majority of the upper teeth and place some ceramics over the teeth. When we finished with her treatment, the patient was very happy with the final result! 

Service Performed By:

Anis Elkhechen, DMD
Patient Testimonial From Bobby | Groves Dental Care
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