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Upper Hybrid-Teeth screwed into implants

This patient came to us after about 20 years of not seeing the dentist due to having anxiety and fear over going to the dentist. On my initial consult with the patient, I could see the anxiety he had just from sitting in the chair. The patient mentioned that he neglected his teeth for many years and that his dental problems were getting so severe that he needed to take action now. Upon examining the patient's teeth, it was evident that all the upper teeth he had were infected, severely decayed, or loose. The patient was experiencing alot of sensitivity to cold liquids and had alot of trouble eating. None of the top teeth were salvagable. Some of the patient's lower teeth were badly damaged, while the remainder of the lower teeth seemed to be in decent shape. Multiple options were discussed with the patient and he elected to have all of his upper teeth removed and have a fixed Hybrid placed under sedation. A fixed hybrid is basically when you have teeth that are permanently screwed into implants. We screwed the patient's temporary teeth into the implants less than 48 hours after extracting all of the upper teeth. While the patient was a little sore due to the lengthy procedure and the amount of infection present in his mouth, he was ecstatic and relieved with the outcome! Eventually we will work on his lower arch to help give the patient more balance, but the patient wished to start with the upper teeth first

Service Performed By:

Anis Elkhechen, DMD
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