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Cosmetic Dentistry-Upper Porcelain Bridge

Patient initially presented to the office with a missing front tooth on the upper arch. Patient wore a removable partial denture for many years to act as a replacement for that front tooth but hated the partial denture because it was very bulky and unnatural . Patient stated that his main concern is that he wants to have a great smile and that he rarely smiles because he really doesn't like what he sees and is self- concious about it. Patient did not have any bone available for an implant and the patient specifically stated that he did not want an implant. Therefore, the only available option that would give the patient something natural that would stay in his mouth is a bridge. A bridge was placed on several of the front teeth and the patient could not believe how nice his smile looked afterwards. Everytime the patient comes in for maintenance appointments, he states that he regularly gets comments about how nice his smile is now. It is very rewarding to be able to impact a person's life by improving self-esteem and confidence!

Patient Testimonial From Bobby | Groves Dental Care
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