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Cosmetic Dentistry-Upper front crowns and bonding

Here is an example of a patient who overall has teeth and gums that are in good shape, but as you can see has some decay on a few of the front teeth and a chipped front tooth. The patient wasn't happy with the darkness of the front teeth due to the decay and the chipped front tooth. The patient already had some large existing fillings present on the front teeth. We had to place two crowns on the front teeth to preserve the strength. A tooth colored filling was placed on the lateral incisor to finish the smile due to discoloration of an existing filling the patient already had. This existing filling on the lateral incisor was well confined, therefore we just needed to replace the tooth colored filling and blend it in. This is a perfect example of how doing minimal dentistry can really change a person's smile and health profile. He was ecstatic! 

Service Performed By:

Anis Elkhechen, DMD
Patient Testimonial From Bobby | Groves Dental Care
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