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This patient had come to me after 4 years of knowing her personally. She confided in me that she suffered from bulimia for many years prior. Bulimia is a debilitating disease and if it occurs for a substantial period of time, destroys the back of your upper teeth because the acid from vomiting erodes the healthy enamel away. The patient became very concerned when she started noticing that her two front teeth on the top were becoming shorter than the rest and she could tell they were eroding away. I really wanted to help her get her self-esteem and confidence back. We ended up placing crowns on the 4 front teeth to cover the damage from the acid erosion and at the same time lengthen her teeth to the appropriate length and give her that beautiful smile she wanted so badly.

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Anis Elkhechen, DMD
Patient Testimonial From Bobby | Groves Dental Care
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