Teeth in a Day in Loxahatchee, FL

Do you feel like you have a lot of teeth that are breaking down or failing on you? Do you feel like you may not have enough teeth to chew with in the back? Have you had the experience that your teeth are breaking down and you don’t like how they look? 

One of the best available options in dentistry nowadays for patients who do not have many teeth or have many teeth that are in a “hopeless condition” is the Hybrid or “Teeth in a Day”. The Hybrids, in a simplified sense, are beautiful teeth that are created by a laboratory that screw into dental implants in the patient's mouth allowing the patient to chew and function without the concern of their teeth “coming out” on them. Patients love the outcome of this prosthesis because the teeth look so beautiful and the patient can have the smile they have always envisioned.

 Back side of dental hybrids in Loxahatchee, FLDiagram of teeth in a day at Groves Dental Care in 33470

At Groves Dental Care, we offer the option of having these Hybrids done as “Teeth in a Day.” The “Teeth in a day” process is basically when a patient who has all of their teeth failing to get them removed, has 4-6 dental implants placed and has an impression taken all on the same day. The patient then goes home to rest for the rest of the day and overnight. The dental laboratory fabricates the patient’s teeth literally overnight and brings them back to the office the next day. The patient comes back the following day to have their new temporary teeth tightened into the dental implants. The teeth are now fixed to the implants and will not move around or fall out. The patient is given post-op instructions and followed up with several quick appointments in the next month. After several months of the patient wearing their temporary teeth, the patient will give the doctor feedback on any changes they want to make to incorporate into the final prosthesis. The final hybrid is then ordered and tightened into the implants. 

Before and after results of dental hybrids in Loxahatchee FLClose up of patients smile with teeth in a day in 33470