Full Mouth Reconstruction for Loxahatchee, Fl

Have you noticed your teeth getting smaller over time? Or maybe have you noticed your teeth getting worn down or chipping more? Have you started or been experiencing discomfort or bite issues? Have you felt your smile getting less desirable over the years? Many patients have these type of changes occur over their lifetime, whether they realize it or not. These detrimental changes are important to note because as they progress, there are functional, comfortable, and esthetic issues that become apparent and continue to get worse until the source of the issue gets addressed. Once a moderate to severe amount of destruction has occurred to the teeth, significant intervention is usually required. This intervention usually comes in the form of placing beautiful porcelain over the existing damaged teeth in order to help Restore function and comfort, while transforming and greatly enhancing esthetics to give the patient a healthy and beautiful smile.

These transformations are complicated to execute for dental professionals due to the complexity but the results are transformational and life-changing for the patient when done correctly. Having a dentist who has understands the complexities of these transformations and has successfully executed them many times are vital for the long term success.