Full & Partial Dentures in Loxahatchee, FL

Sets of Partial Dentures in Loxahatchee FLDo you feel like you may need a partial or full denture because you are missing teeth or have loose teeth?

This is a common concern for some of our patients and one that we can easily help you navigate.

Lost teeth are very common. In fact, about 1 out of 5 American adults does not have any teeth and requires full dentures. Meanwhile, about 3 out of 4 American adults are missing at least one tooth. If discussing this topic is difficult or embarrassing for you, please know that we have a very private consult room designed specifically to help you feel more comfortable when discussing your treatment.

In addition, we want you to know that Groves Dental Care is a judgment-free zone. We promise to always treat you with the compassion and respect you deserve.

Whether you have a few missing teeth and are considering replacing them with a partial denture or you are missing all your teeth and need a full denture, call us today so we can help you address your concerns!

What to Expect With Dentures

At Groves Dental Care, we provide our patients in Loxahatchee, FL with the highest quality dentures possible. Dr. Anis Elkhechen, DMD does not believe in using cheap materials or labs to create these dentures. Cheaper materials and labs often result in dentures that wear quicker, break more easily, and ultimately cost you more money in the long run because you will have to replace them more often. The teeth used with cheaper labs also often look less natural and the fit may not be as comfortable.

In addition, having high quality dentures made requires multiple steps. We do not skip steps with this process because we want you to have the best fit possible.

We understand that people do not like to be nickel-and-dimed with their treatment, so we make sure to offer any adjustments (free of charge) if necessary on all dentures for the first two months after they are given to you. Many patients have told us they appreciate this service because they don’t have to worry about making sure everything feels great and it allows time for them to adjust.

Our goal is for you to have a comfortable, natural-looking set of teeth that helps you regain your quality of life.

Couple with dentures sitting on the couch near 33470 FLImplant-Supported Dentures

Do you have lower dentures that slip easily or you wish were more stable? Do you have upper dentures that make you gag or feel like you can’t enjoy the taste of food as you once did? Are you one of many people with existing dentures who just can’t seem to get used to them no matter how many adjustments you’ve had? Do you want  reassurance that your dentures won’t unexpectedly pop out on you at a dinner party?

If you have experienced any of these concerns, call us immediately so we can help address your concerns.

Denture technology has come a long way, and today’s dentures fit more comfortably and securely than ever before. Still, some people appreciate added security and the knowledge that their dentures won’t ever slip or come loose at an inopportune moment.

This is where dental implants come in.

Robert's Story from Groves Dental Care

We want to tell you about an actual patient named Robert, who was treated by Dr. Elkhechen.

Robert was a very nice man in his 60s who had developed throat cancer and ended up losing his teeth due to the unwanted effects of the radiation treatment on the upper and lower jaw. Initially, Robert had upper and lower dentures made at a different office after he lost his teeth. He had hoped to regain his chewing function and smile again.

After attempting several adjustments on the dentures to make them more comfortable, Robert gave up on them. Robert was a denture patient who had a gag reflex and just couldn’t get used to his dentures.

For five years, Robert went on with his life with no teeth. He ate very soft foods and had to avoid eating some of his favorite foods. One day, Robert decided to look into a solution to his problem and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Elkhechen. After spending time with Robert and learning about what was troubling him, Dr. Elkhechen recommended implants on the upper and lower jaw and dentures that would secure to those implants.

Once the treatment was completed, Robert was a completely different person. The day Robert got his new dentures, he walked around the office smiling from ear to ear. When Robert returned for a follow-up visit, he was so happy because he could eat many of the foods he loved previously, which had not been possible without the implants.

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