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Do wisdom teeth cause crowding?

There has been a long time debate in dentistry of whether or not wisdom teeth cause crowding. Some studies find that they do, while other studies find that they don’t. Some patients mention that they feel pressure from their wisdom teeth, while others don’t.

There is one thing that is certain with wisdom teeth. Unless wisdom teeth are fully erupted and the patient is able to reach all the way back and keep them very clean,  they usually cause more problems than any possible benefit of keeping them.

Problems caused by wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are very susceptible to decay, localized gum disease, creating food traps, bite issues, etc… due to their location in the mouth and the way with which many of them position themselves.

Therefore, in many cases it may make a lot of sense to remove them for a variety of other reasons not related to pressure. Regardless of the reason, if you think it might be time to have your wisdom teeth removed, call us today to get started. We'll help to evaluate your needs moving forward! 

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