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I want straighter teeth but I think I’m too old for braces- what can I do to get straighter teeth?

Orthodontic treatment can be performed on most patients regardless of their age.  Certain risk factors may preclude one from being a candidate for orthodontic treatment including but not limited to periodontal disease, uncontrolled diabetes, poor oral hygiene, and smoking. Straighter teeth not only improve one’s smile but they also allow for easier and more effective home care, therefore extending the longevity of the teeth.

Invisalign Clear Aligners in Loxahatchee, FL

Patients who are determined to have straighter teeth, but absolutely refuse to have braces, may be good candidates for clear aligner therapy such as Invisalign. Clear trays that are basically not noticeable to the great majority of the public will slowly move your teeth over time to give you the straighter teeth you desire without having to involve braces. They also allow you to remove the trays while eating and while cleaning your teeth, which can make the process much easier. 

Regardless of which orthodontic treatment you decide to go with, it's important that you work with a dentist who can help you find the best options to meet your needs. We want to ensure that your investment results in a healthier, happier smile that you love! Give Groves Dental Care a call at (561) 328-9050 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Elkhechen

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