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When do I have to take my Invisalign trays out?

Invisalign braces are incredibly convenient for patients. One of the best aspects of Invisalign treatment for many patients is the ability to remove their Invisalign trays if needed. However, we do want to warn you that in order to provide the best results for you in the shortest amount of time, your Invisalign aligners must be worn with dedication. You should be wearing your Invisalign trays for at least 22 hours every day. 

The only time patients should remove their Invisalign trays is when they are eating or for their oral hygiene routine (brushing and flossing their teeth). 

If you have trouble remembering to put your Invisalign trays back in after a meal or brushing your teeth, try setting a reminder on your phone when you take the tray out or keep the tray near at hand so it doesn’t leave your sight. Do whatever you can to remind yourself and wearing your Invisalign braces will soon become a habit! 

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