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Why do dental xrays need to be taken at regular intervals?

Dental x-rays help your dentist see areas of the gums and teeth that are otherwise not visible. This is the best way to help prevent issues from progressing too far, and it helps your dentist and staff to properly diagnose and treat dental concerns. 

For most patients, getting x-rays done once per year is normal. However, if you undergo any more serious treatments, or if your dentist needs to monitor your condition, you may need more x-rays to help the process. For example, during a root canal treatment, your dentist may take several x-rays to ensure that your affected tooth is cleaned and filled properly, and they won't be able to fully evaluate this without an x-ray. 

Problems that cannot be seen clinically in the mouth can many times be caught early with periodic x-rays, which leaves patients with better treatment options that lead to less time in the office and less cost. X-rays help to identify tooth decay like cavities, allowing your dentist to fill them before they become more serious decay. 

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