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Why do I have bad breath?

Bad breath can be the result of a number of different factors. 

Of course, eating strong- or pungent-smelling foods are likely to contribute to bad breath, but we're guessing this isn't the kind of bad breath you are talking about.

Chronic bad breath, or halitosis, is typically oral health related, and the distinctive odor is usually caused by a build-up of bacteria. Bad Breath | Dentist Loxahatchee | Groves Dental Care

Bacteria can build up in your mouth for a number of reasons. The most common of these is periodontal disease. In this situation, your gums are actually infected by bacteria and recede from the roots of your teeth.

Another common culprit in bad breath is dry mouth. Dry mouth can occur for a variety of reasons. Older patients who may take many medications are at a higher risk of dry mouth due to the side effects. Surprisingly, mouthwashes with alcohol in them also contribute to dry mouth! We recommend using a mouthwash like ACT that doesn't have any alcohol. Tooth decay can also contribute to bad breath.

Treating Bad Breath

If you suspect or have even been told that you have bad breath, please call Groves Dental Care and schedule a consultation. Clearing up the problem could be as simple as a professional cleaning and improved home hygiene. We may also recommend periodontal therapy to help treat gum disease or certain treatments to help boost saliva production and reduce bacteria. 

Flossing and tongue brushing are some of the simplest ways to get rid of bad breath. Flossing at least once a day before going to bed is recommended. Ideally, flossing after every meal would be beneficial, but we realize this may not be practical. 

Many people have never been taught to brush their tongue. Ideally, this should be done in the morning after waking up and in the evening before going to bed. This is the time when most bacterial build-up occurs. 

Cleaning your tongue is very important, and it's also easy to do with an instrument called a tongue scraper. These can be purchased at most stores, including Publix, Target, and CVS.

Give our office a call to schedule an appointment for a dental cleaning to get on the right track! 

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