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The Proper Steps To Take If You Are In An Accident And A Tooth Breaks Or Falls Out

May 6, 2017
Posted By: Anis Elkhechen D.M.D
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If you ever have trauma or an accident that involves your teeth or jaw, it would be in your best interest to go see your dentist immediately to have him or her assess if there was any damage done.

Sometimes trauma to your teeth can cause the nerve inside the tooth to die and become infected without you even knowing. Therefore, it is very important to have an xray taken in that area to assess the situation

You should go see your dentist ASAP especially if you notice teeth have chipped or broken, change in color, gums are bleeding, the area is sore, or teeth have actually moved.

 If a tooth/teeth have actually fallen out of your mouth, the best action to take is to put the tooth in milk and go see a dentist IMMEDIATELY because sometimes he or she can re-implant the tooth if you go see them within an hour or two. 

Teeth that become loose will many times require some sort of splint in order for the tooth to regain its rigidity and strength. A splint is basically when a tooth or teeth that are loose get tied together to other stronger teeth through filling material or some sort or wire or mesh. 

Teeth that have trauma to them need to be checked at regular intervals in order to make sure no undesired changes take place. Sometimes, teeth that receive trauma won't show signs or symptoms of degradation. These signs and symptoms, whether they are in the form of an abscess or change in color of a tooth, can suddenly appear without warning at a future time. 

Teeth that develop issues from trauma usually need to be addressed quickly because many times, the longer it takes to handle the issue, the worse the prognosis or outcome may be. 

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