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Nitrous Oxide – A Safe Answer to Dental Anxiety

August 28, 2021
Posted By: Groves Dental Care
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Some people love roller coasters: the delight of flying down the track, turning upside down, then banking around corners all while safe and under control. For those individuals, it’s hard to imagine how anyone feels debilitating fear on thrill rides. The occasion of dental work is similar. For those who see their dentist regularly, a routine dental exam and cleaning may provide the satisfaction of knowing your teeth are well-maintained. Other folks experience something entirely different.

Whether due to childhood trauma, or just a bad experience, dental anxiety is genuine and can be a serious impediment to care. Fear of dental pain leads to resisting the dentist, which causes tooth decay that is the cause of pain and more avoidance. It’s a brutal cycle, and one way your dentist in Loxahatchee will work to break that cycle is a mild sedative called nitrous oxide.

What’s So Funny about Laughing Gas?

Few people laugh when under the influence of nitrous oxide; maybe a giggle or two, but not often full-on laughing. Instead, dentists use nitrous oxide because it is so mild. The effects are more relaxing than stimulating. You may feel a slight tingling in your extremities, but unlike general sedation, you’ll remain awake and able to respond to your dentist’s instructions. But it will definitely take the edge off, and instead of responding to your dental care with irrational fear, you’ll be able to just sit back and let the work get done.

The Pros of Nitrous Oxide

  1. Easy to administer – Nitrous oxide is a clear, odorless gas that your dentist will dispense through a comfortable little mask that goes over your nose. You’ll breathe in normally, and after a few minutes, it will take effect. When no longer needed, your dentist will simply turn off the nitrous and turn on the oxygen, and it will wear off quickly.
  2.  Minimal Side Effects – Few patients suffer significant adverse effects of nitrous oxide sedation when administered by trained professionals. Your dentist will insist you remain seated while the effects of the gas wear off – standing too quickly may result in unsteadiness. Relax and take your time, which should be easy (you probably never noticed how comfortable your dentist’s chair really is).
  3. No Hangover – After a few minutes, you’ll feel mostly normal, and your dental procedure will be complete! Without any long-term effects, you’ll be able to drive yourself home, which definitely is not the case with other forms of sedation.

Your Dentist in Loxahatchee, FL Can Resolve Your Dental Anxiety

Don’t let your past stand in the way of a positive future. If you have tooth pain, odds are it won’t solve itself. Talk to your dentist about your concerns to see if nitrous oxide dental sedation is right for you. We welcome yo to call Groves Dental Care at (561) 328-9050 to schedule an appointment with our dentist in Loxahatchee!

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