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5 Myths and Facts About Dental Implants

September 12, 2019
Posted By: Anis Elkhechen, DMD
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Years ago, patients who struggled with damaged or missing teeth only had a few available options: root canals, bridges, and dentures. With the development of implant technology, dental implants have become the number one choice for missing teeth. But with implants being much safer and causing no damage to surrounding teeth, patients still have some uncertainty in choosing this option.

Myth # 1: Dental implants are painful

Fact: This could not be further from the truth. An experienced dentist will use local anesthesia to keep you pain-free and the post-operative pain is minimal and maintained by over the counter pain medicines. The more knowledge your dentist has, the more comfortable you will be.

Myth #2: Dental implants can be seen by other people

Fact: Implants are designed to act like your natural teeth; therefore you cannot see them. When your dentist places the implant, they will place it under the gum so it acts like a natural root of the tooth. No part of the implant is visible.

Myth #3: There is a long healing time after my dental implant surgery

Fact: With any surgery, people feel they will be laid up for weeks or even months. With implant procedures, which are non-invasive, just a few short days of healing is needed.

Myth #4: Dental implants are expensive

Fact: With all the benefits of dental implants, your fear might now be cost. The initial cost of dental implants may be higher initially; the benefits far outweigh the other options. Always consider long-term expense since implants last longer than bridges or dentures and are a much more permanent option.

Myth #5: All dental implant surgeons are the same

Fact: Always do your research. Make sure your dentist is highly trained and experienced in dental implants. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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