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The Two Things You SHOULD Know In Order to Avoid Bad Breath

April 29, 2017
Posted By: Anis Elkhechen D.M.D
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Many people complain about having bad breath. Many times people find out because someone close to them lets them know about it. This can create some embarrassment, so the first thing people naturally turn to is mouthwash. 

Even though many mouthwashes are antibacterial and can help a person feel good mentally about their breath, they won't fix underlying problems. Some mouthwashes that contain alcohol in them can actually dry out your mouth which can help play a part in bad breath. However, mouthwash isn't usually the culprit of bad breath.

Bad breath can become very frustrating for people once they realize that mouthwash may not be helping as much as they thought it would. Many times, this is when people will likely go visit their dentist. 

Two Ways to Prevent Bad Breath

Now, if the patient has periodontal disease, then this should ultimately be treated first because bad breath is one of the side effects of periodontal disease. 

However, if a patient doesn't have gum disease, but they still have bad breath, there are usually two very critical things to consider: 

1. Flossing- This is the number one reason why people who do not floss develop bad breath. Flossing everyday, will greatly reduce any issues a person might be having with bad breath

2. Tongue Scraping- The tongue is a very big collector of bacteria. Therefore, scraping the tongue daily is important in reducing bacterial counts that can lead to bad breath. The best way to do this is by purchasing a tongue scraper at almost any store that sells health products and follow the instructions.

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