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What can Dental Offices do to help keep patients and their team safe following the Pandemic?

April 16, 2020
Posted By: Dr. Anis Elkhechen

Practice Updates to help give patients maximum Security, Safety, and Peace of mind as a result of the recent Pandemic

We understand that this recent devastating pandemic has been a scary situation for everyone. Fear of the unknown can leave us feeling vulnerable and anxious because we struggle with knowing what might be safe for us to do. Here at Groves Dental Care, we have updated many aspects of our practice to give you maximum security, safety, and peace of mind.

In addition to our rigorous cleaning and disinfecting protocols, we have added the following additional safety measures to help protect you, your family, and our team:

-Asking patients Screening questions to help reschedule any high-risk patients

-Encouraging any Groves Dental Care Team members who feel sick to stay home

-Rescheduling any patients who might be feeling sick

-Encouraging New Patients to complete Patient Forms online to bring with them at and click “Patient Info” tab toward the top

-Having patients text or call us when they get to the office to let us know they are here for their appt instead of walking in

-Having patients wait in their car until the operatory is ready

-Encouraging patients to come in with a mask on; if you do not have one we will be more than happy to provide you with one

-Checking Patient and Team Member Temperatures everyday

-Sneezeguards throughout the entire front office area to protect patient and front office team members

-2 Large air purifiers with Ultrahepa Filters in the office

-Hand Sanitizer everywhere in the office: asking patients to apply some before they head back to the operatory

-Patients in the office only please!

-Only one patient in the lobby at one time

-Using disinfectant wipes to clean off anything that may require a patient signature like an Ipad or pen, just before giving it to the patient

-Having patients rinse with antibacterial rinse prior to treatment

-Use of devices called Dryshields during treatment to greatly reduce any aerosols


Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions! 561-328-9050

Again, we truly appreciate your patience at this time and throughout this entire process. We value your trust and we look forward to seeing everyone soon.


Other Important Practice information to know and consider as Groves Dental Care Begins to open up following the Coronavirus 


Patient scheduling:

-We are looking to schedule patients who have emergencies or in need of serious treatment initially,  to avoid any serious consequences of continuing to hold off on treatment further

-Patients should call us immediately if they are overdue for an appointment or would like to schedule an appointment due to pending treatment or having discomfort

-We will be keeping the schedule lighter in order to avoid overcrowding of patients in the office. Please be patient if there is more than a minimal wait of 5-10 minutes because we may just be finishing up with a patient before having another patient come into the office.

-We will ask that all patients text us when they get to the parking lot so we know you have arrived and we will call you when your operatory is ready

Patient expectations:

-We will be checking patient temperatures at the office and asking screening questions over the phone to help reduce any risk for other patients and our team

-Please be understanding and patient when we initially open up in a more normalized schedule due to numerous updates and changes that will need to take place that did not need to be established prior to the Coronavirus. There will likely be an adjustment period of several weeks in order to streamline the process and workflow.

-Patients who have scheduled appointments are asked to quickly reach out to us if they are not feeling well before any upcoming dental appointment. We will be happy to reschedule you with no questions asked.

Sanitary Processes:

-Most of our disinfection processes or protocols are not required to be altered because the precaution we have always taken prior to this Pandemic greatly reduces any potential for the transfer of any bacteria, viruses, etc. Following universal precautions for every single patient allows us to avoid making extensive adjustments because we have always been taking the highest precautions possible to keep our patients and ourselves safe. 

-Please see list above for more specific processes regarding sanitation updates

Special Circumstances:

-Patients who are feeling ill will quickly have their appointment rescheduled with no questions asked

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