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When Is It a Dental Emergency?

July 7, 2022
Posted By: Groves Dental Care

Dental emergencies can be painful and scary, making them stressful. And without fail, they are always inconvenient!

The good news is that your emergency dentist in Loxahatchee, FL, is here to help with convenient emergency dental appointments and same-day dentistry whenever possible!

When Is It a Dental Emergency?

At Groves Dental Care, we help with many different types of dental emergencies, including:

  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Knocked-out (avulsed) teeth
  • Cracked or broken dentures
  • Lost or damaged restorations like crowns or fillings
  • Toothaches and dental infections

If you're unsure if you need immediate attention for your condition, we encourage you to call Groves Dental Care first. Our knowledgeable staff will help determine if you need an appointment immediately or if we can schedule an upcoming appointment.

A word of advice, always call your emergency dentist before going to a hospital emergency room. Hospitals are not typically equipped to handle tooth emergencies and will likely send you to your dentist anyway. You can save time, stress, and money by calling your team at Groves Dental Care first.

How to Avoid Dental Emergencies

Did you know that you can actually avoid some dental emergencies? Visiting your dentist regularly for teeth cleanings and checkups can detect any impending problems as early as possible when they are more manageable and less costly to treat. For example, tooth decay left untreated or undiagnosed can result in a painful dental infection and an emergency.

Did you know that sports activities account for around 40 percent of dental emergencies? You can protect your smile by wearing a protective mouth guard during sports. Your dentist can customize a mouth guard for you that won't interfere with your game or performance.

Don't Wait to Contact Groves Dental Care During a Dental Emergency

If you or a loved one is experiencing dental pain or an emergency, don't wait to call us at (561) 328-9050.

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