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Why choose 3D Digital Scanning?

February 18, 2020
Posted By: Anis Elkhechen, DDS
Dentists in Loxahatchee, FL using 3D digital scanning to evaluate a patients teeth.

Dental impressions are bad enough to make anyone hate going to the dentist.  If you have ever needed a crown, bridge or veneer, then you have experienced the agony of a dental impression.  There’s nothing worse than waiting for that excruciating 3 – 5 minutes for that goopy material to set just to make your crown.  

The Solution

But now, there is a better way!  Invented in 2007, the Itero Intraoral Digital Scanner is a revolutionary piece of dental equipment that has changed the dental world forever.  This scanner allows dentists to work more efficiently and accurately to improve dental models for all restorative work to include crowns, bridges, implants and occlusal guards.  The Itero scanner works by using a wand that is guided around the patient’s mouth which captures thousands of frames per second that are pieced together to form a 3D image.  These images are then electronically submitted in real-time directly to the lab. In a matter of days, your restoration will be fabricated, returned to your dentist and cemented in your mouth.

What’s even more exciting is that the Itero Digital Scanner can now compatible with Invisalign!  So not only are there no gooey, messy trays to impress for the Invisalign clear aligners but once the scan is finished, patients are able to see a virtual before and after of their smile.  This scan results in a faster return time and has proven to have ten times fewer rejections than traditional Invisalign impressions.
And here at Groves Dental Care, we are pleased to announce the arrival of our own Itero Digital Scanner.  So any crowns, bridges or Invisalign treatment you need, it can now be done with a quick scan by the dentist.  Please call to schedule your appointment today!

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