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Causes of Stained Teeth and How to Whiten Them

February 27, 2021
Posted By: Groves Dental Care
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You might wonder why your smile isn't as bright as it used to be. You brush and floss religiously every day. Why have your teeth lost their sparkle?

Well, the answer isn't as simple as you might think because there are several reasons teeth get stained, discolored, or appear duller looking over time. The good news is that our dentist in Loxahatchee has straightforward solutions for teeth whitening.

Why Your Smile Is Not as Bright as It Used to Be

Here are some of the reasons your smile may have lost a bit of its luster:

  • Tobacco Use: Smoking and tobacco use quickly discolor teeth leaving them looking yellowed, stained, and brown.
  • Foods and Beverages: Red wine, coffee, black tea, colas, tomato sauce, curries, and certain dark fruits are just a few of the foods and drinks that can cause staining and discoloration.
  • Certain Medications: Some types of antibiotics or high blood pressure medications may cause tooth staining.
  • Aging: It is common for our teeth to discolor as we age.
  • Poor Dental Hygiene: Daily brushing and flossing remove plaque, bacteria, and other particles that cause discoloration.
  • Trauma: Accidents, falls, or other types of trauma can cause tooth darkening.

Sometimes it's a combination of these factors that lead to a yellow or dull-looking smile.

What Are My Tooth Whitening Options

When you visit your local grocery store, you will find a plethora of tooth brightening options. However, professional teeth whitening at Groves Dental Care offers many benefits, such as:

  1. Your dentist provides tooth whitening materials that are stronger than over-the-counter products, which means less time and money you have to spend bleaching.
  2. Your dentist in Loxahatchee can help if you have tooth sensitivity or other concerns during teeth whitening.
  3. Your dentist creates customized teeth whitening solutions, which can be safer for your smile.

Schedule Teeth Whitening Treatment in Loxahatchee!

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