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How You Can Benefit From a Full Mouth Reconstruction

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If you have multiple dental issues and don’t know where to begin, a full mouth reconstruction in Loxahatchee, FL might be your best option. 

Your full mouth reconstruction dentist takes into account the health and appearance of your gums and teeth, paying close attention to how these issues affect your overall health—current issues and future health risks.

Candidates for full mouth reconstruction have all or most of the following issues: 

  • Lost teeth due to decay, disease, or trauma
  • Broken or fractured teeth
  • Eroded enamel
  • Jaw and headache pain

What to Expect

Full mouth reconstruction is different for everyone, and the reconstruction approach depends on your unique dental issues. 

The dentist will evaluate you for periodontal disease, which causes tooth ...

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Ways to get Whiter Teeth: a Hygienist's perspective

Teeth Whitening | Dentist Loxahatchee FL

Many people desire a beautiful, bright and white smile but achieving that can be a challenge.  The method of whitening you choose can be decided by the speed at which you’d hope to see results.  For immediate results, professional whitening is the best option.  Whitening solutions manufactured for use in dental offices have higher concentrations of the active ingredients; therefore, stains are removed more quickly.  Whitening strips and other over-the-counter whitening treatments usually produce results within 1 to 2 weeks.  If you are not in a hurry, try using whitening toothpaste or natural remedies to gradually whitening your smile.

If you are looking for ways to get whiter teeth, look no ...

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Oral Health: The Role it Plays in Total Body Health

Oral Health Facts | Dentist Loxahatchee FL

My dentist told me I had bad breath.  I was talking to someone in the waiting room at the time.  Having bad breath is not only embarrassing; it is a symptom of chronic gum disease and may be a sign of an infection in your body.  Foul odors in the mouth are usually caused by food and bacteria that accumulate on the teeth, tongue and other surfaces in the mouth.  Although the oral cavity is naturally teeming with harmless bacteria (similar to the rest of the body), the bacteria will multiply and become harmful if not properly removed by brushing and flossing, as well as seeing a dentist regularly for ...

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Choosing a Toothpaste: The Struggle is Real

Toothpaste Choices | Dentist Loxahatchee FL

Standing in the toothpaste aisle at the grocery store can be very overwhelming.  There are so many brands to choose from, each brand offering a wide variety of toothpaste designed to help achieve a different goal; preventing cavities, anti-gingivitis, whitening, sensitivity control, the list goes on.  A trial and error method for toothpaste buying can get expensive if you’re having trouble finding the right toothpaste for you.  To help in your decision making, I’ve composed a list of qualities one might be looking for in toothpaste, along with a few types that, in my opinion, fit the bill.

Cavity Protection:    The active ingredient you’re looking for here is fluoride, whether sodium ...

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The Different Factors That Can Affect Whitening And How To Maintain A Level You Are Happy With

Teeth Whitening Facts | Groves Dental Care

There are many factors that influence the degree to which a person’s teeth whiten. Smoking, coffee, tea, red wine, tobacco, etc… all increase staining of a person’s teeth which can make them appear darker.The removal of staining through regular professional cleanings at a dental office along with periodic whitening can really make a big difference in the appearance of a person’s teeth.

Patients who have never whitened before will usually see more of a dramatic result than patients who regularly whiten their teeth. Also, younger patients will usually experience a more dramatic outcome than older patients.Some people who have developmental conditions where the enamel in their teeth are affected will not ...

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The Proper Steps To Take If You Are In An Accident And A Tooth Breaks Or Falls Out

Missing Teeth | Dentist Loxahatchee | Groves Dental Care

If you ever have trauma or an accident that involves your teeth or jaw, it would be in your best interest to go see your dentist immediately to have him or her assess if there was any damage done.

Sometimes trauma to your teeth can cause the nerve inside the tooth to die and become infected without you even knowing. Therefore, it is very important to have ...

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The Two Things You SHOULD Know In Order to Avoid Bad Breath

Woman Flossing Teeth | Groves Dental Care

Many people complain about having bad breath. Many times people find out because someone close to them lets them know about it. This can create some embarrassment, so the first thing people naturally turn to is mouthwash. 

Even though many mouthwashes are antibacterial and can help a person feel good mentally about their breath, they won't fix underlying problems. Some mouthwashes that contain alcohol in them can actually dry out your mouth which can help play a part in bad breath. However, mouthwash isn't usually the culprit of bad breath.

Bad breath can become very frustrating for people once they realize that mouthwash may not be helping as much as they thought ...

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