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Why It’s Important to Visit Your Dentist

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For many busy people, visiting their dentist is not at the top of their priorities. It’s easy to forget about your teeth as long as they feel normal. But when you start noticing achy teeth or gums, you become acutely aware of both your teeth and your dentist! If you haven’t visited your dentist in Royal Palm in awhile, here are some reminders about why you should schedule an appointment soon.

Bacteria Love Tight Crevices

Whether you can see them or not, you probably do have hidden crevices a toothbrush can’t reach. You may even have places where dental floss can’t reach.

When you don’t remove bacteria with brushing, flossing, and regular dental ...

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4 Denture Myths Debunked

Dentures | Groves Dental Care

A denture is a prosthesis that stands in for tooth loss or following full mouth extractions. In our Loxahatchee, FL dental office, we make sure your prosthesis or denture looks natural and fits your mouth appropriately.

If you’re considering dentures, we use nothing but the best materials at Groves Dental Care, and we keep you relaxed and comfortable throughout the denture process.

Yes, we understand that getting dentures can be scary, but once you know the facts and dismiss the myths, you discover that dentures are an excellent choice when it comes to tooth loss.

Let’s clear up the myths or rumors surrounding dentures that simply aren’t true.

Myth #1 Your Dentures Will Not ...

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How a Dental Crown Saves Your Damaged Tooth

Dental Crowns | Groves Dental Care

The possibility of losing a tooth can have a detrimental impact on your self-esteem, which is why you should be aware of all your options.

At Groves Dental Care, we do everything we can to save your damaged or decayed tooth. Sometimes, this means placing a dental crown over that tooth right here in our Loxahatchee, FL dental office.

A dental crown makes a weak tooth stronger, restores the bite, and covers flaws brought on by damage.

Reasons for tooth damage may include:

  • Past root canal therapies
  • Ongoing infection
  • Large untreated cavity
  • Trauma
  • Certain medications

How Dental Crowns Work

The process begins with a dental exam, possibly x-rays or other to determine the viability of your tooth.

If the dentist feels ...

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How Smile Design Give You a Winning Smile

Young Couple Smiling | Groves Dental Care

Sometimes patients are unsure about cosmetic procedures, concerned that they will be unable to achieve the desired outcome. At Groves Dental Care, we understand this uncertainty, which is why we offer smile design.

With smile design, you don’t have to worry. This technology offers accurate images of what your smile will look like following treatment.

Smile design also helps the dentist choose the very best procedures and treatments to help you achieve the smile you desire.

Consider smile design the first step toward your new smile, the artistic end that your dentist will achieve through chosen procedures or treatments. 

How Does Smile Design Work?

At Groves Dental Care, smile design calls for taking accurate impressions ...

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5 Signs it's Time to Replace Your Partial Denture

Dentures | Groves Dental Care

Removable partial dentures are natural looking but artificial teeth attached to an oral appliance. A custom-designed partial denture takes the place of missing teeth by filling in the gaps between existing or healthy teeth.

At Groves Dental Care, our quality partial dentures can last for a long time with proper upkeep and regular dental visits.

However, there comes a time when your partial denture needs replacing.

Let’s look at the signs that it’s time to replace your partial denture.

Excessive Slipping

Partial dentures should fit snuggly and comfortably for quite a while. However, bone shrinkage and other oral health changes mean partial dentures begin to slip or not fit as well as they did when you ...

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3 Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Can Improve Your Life

Woman Having Procedure | Groves Dental Care

If you’ve been considering straightening your teeth, chances are you’ve already looked into some of the available options. And you probably already know that there’s more than one way to bring cooked teeth in line.

At Groves Dental Care in Loxahatchee, FL, we’ve performed many cosmetic procedures, but for patients who want straight teeth without the hassle of traditional braces, we always recommend Invisalign. And we’ve seen enough satisfied clients to know that we have been correct in this recommendation. 

Invisalign Is Virtually Invisible 

Invisalign consists of custom-made aligners that perfectly fit your teeth. The aligners are transparent and easy to conceal. This is a great help for people who often speak in ...

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How to Customize Your Smile the Way You Want it

Older Woman Smiling | Groves Dental Care

With the latest technologies, it’s easier than ever to get the smile you want without a lot of hassle.

At Groves Dental Care in Loxahatchee, FL we specialize in all kinds of cosmetic dental procedures and treatments, but one of our favorite approaches is smile design—combining treatments and procedures to give patients the very best results. 

With smile design, it is all about giving you the smile you deserve!

How Can Smile Design Help Me?

Maybe you have a few short teeth that don’t quite reach the height of your other teeth. In this case, porcelain veneers would work great to bring uniform height to your smile.

But suppose a few of the shorter teeth ...

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