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How You Can Benefit From a Full Mouth Reconstruction

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If you have multiple dental issues and don’t know where to begin, a full mouth reconstruction in Loxahatchee, FL might be your best option. 

Your full mouth reconstruction dentist takes into account the health and appearance of your gums and teeth, paying close attention to how these issues affect your overall health—current issues and future health risks.

Candidates for full mouth reconstruction have all or most of the following issues: 

  • Lost teeth due to decay, disease, or trauma
  • Broken or fractured teeth
  • Eroded enamel
  • Jaw and headache pain

What to Expect

Full mouth reconstruction is different for everyone, and the reconstruction approach depends on your unique dental issues. 

The dentist will evaluate you for periodontal disease, which causes tooth ...

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The Proper Steps To Take If You Are In An Accident And A Tooth Breaks Or Falls Out

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If you ever have trauma or an accident that involves your teeth or jaw, it would be in your best interest to go see your dentist immediately to have him or her assess if there was any damage done.

Sometimes trauma to your teeth can cause the nerve inside the tooth to die and become infected without you even knowing. Therefore, it is very important to have ...

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